Sorry Fools

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ski Bum is sorry

World Cup skiing champion Bode Miller made a public apology, sort of, for remarks about skiing and drinking made in a 60 Minutes interview. Like most primadonna sports figures who paint themselves into a corner, his apology came with a qualification. His fallback position was that he, more or less, had to apologize because people are subject to only what the media puts out in America. The words just flowed out of his mouth but it was the media who he decided to point his finger at. Maybe he just had a little black out during the interview and now believes CBS did some clever editing. Miller was asked if he would ever ski impaired again and retorted, "No I'm not saying that." Guess that means the apology only covered what spewed out of his mouth on television not his questionable behavior before or quite possibly after.

Sorry By Memo

What is it elected sleaze balls don't understand about telling the truth? Yeah the tax payers and voters took another one when San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales suddenly remembered he was complicit in a secret deal to help a trash hauler get an $11.25 million dollar contract amendment. He apologized in a memo, so the electorate hasn't been witness yet to the trembling lips and flow of crocodile tears that surely will be forthcoming along with the "I tried to do the right thing but I'm just too stupid for my own good speech. Hey, it's one more Pol setting a fine example for the youth of America. One more member of the Big Fat Liars Club which is getting to be a sizeable organization. Maybe soon they'll be able to establish a legal defense team for the club that can convince juries of brain dead citizens that it's okay to lie if your elected because you've acted in everybody's best interest, including your own of course. Thanks for the votes suckers and hope you enjoy those higher garbage fees.

The Duke

Okay, let's start with 'ol Duke Cunningham, good old boy and military hero who just seemed to have a little memory lapse when trying to recall that he had profited to the tune of million dollars while taking bribes related to defense contractors. The story first broke on June 12th but forgetful 'ol Duke kept denying any wrong doing for almost 6 months before fessing up and letting the crocodile tears flow. He should be charged for the costs to the taxpayers of the additional 6 months it took before he decided to do what was right and tell the truth but that's asking too much of an upstanding American like Duke who's really served his country well.