Sorry Fools

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sorry By Memo

What is it elected sleaze balls don't understand about telling the truth? Yeah the tax payers and voters took another one when San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales suddenly remembered he was complicit in a secret deal to help a trash hauler get an $11.25 million dollar contract amendment. He apologized in a memo, so the electorate hasn't been witness yet to the trembling lips and flow of crocodile tears that surely will be forthcoming along with the "I tried to do the right thing but I'm just too stupid for my own good speech. Hey, it's one more Pol setting a fine example for the youth of America. One more member of the Big Fat Liars Club which is getting to be a sizeable organization. Maybe soon they'll be able to establish a legal defense team for the club that can convince juries of brain dead citizens that it's okay to lie if your elected because you've acted in everybody's best interest, including your own of course. Thanks for the votes suckers and hope you enjoy those higher garbage fees.


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