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Friday, January 13, 2006

Ski Bum is sorry

World Cup skiing champion Bode Miller made a public apology, sort of, for remarks about skiing and drinking made in a 60 Minutes interview. Like most primadonna sports figures who paint themselves into a corner, his apology came with a qualification. His fallback position was that he, more or less, had to apologize because people are subject to only what the media puts out in America. The words just flowed out of his mouth but it was the media who he decided to point his finger at. Maybe he just had a little black out during the interview and now believes CBS did some clever editing. Miller was asked if he would ever ski impaired again and retorted, "No I'm not saying that." Guess that means the apology only covered what spewed out of his mouth on television not his questionable behavior before or quite possibly after.


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